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Marine Construction Contractor and Consulting Firm located in Southern California specialized in Engineering, Permitting, and Project Execution.

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Watercoast Engineering is dedicated to guiding our clients through every stage of marine construction. From the onset, marine projects can seem tedious, complex, confusing, and demand considerable time. At Watercoast Engineering, we leverage our deep expertise and industry knowledge to ensure your project progresses smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.

Our comprehensive suite of services spans Engineering, Permitting, and Project Execution. We specialize in a variety of marine construction projects, including:

  • Coastal Hazard Analysis, Bulkhead/Seawall Condition, and Sea Level Rise Reports

  • Dredging

    • RGP-54 & Other RGP Permits

    • Standalone Permit

  • Seawall and Bulkhead Construction and Repairs

    • Panels and Coping Crack Repair

    • Helical Anchors & Deadman / Tie-Backs Installation

  • Marine Pile Driving

  • Dock Repair & Replacement

  • Wharfs, Jetties, & Piers

In addition to these specialized services, we offer:

  • Project Management Services

  • Third-Party Scow Inspector Certification

  • Project Submittals and Scheduling Services

  • Site Safety Health Officer (SSHO) for Federal Projects

At Watercoast Engineering, located in Newport Beach and serving all of California, we are committed to providing not only the expertise needed for technical execution, but also the detailed oversight necessary to ensure every project’s success. Whether you're looking to revitalize your waterfront property or manage a complex marine project, trust us to deliver excellence and reliability every step of the way.

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