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2. Permitting

At Watercoast Engineering, we have successfully navigated the increasingly stringent regulatory landscape to secure permits for numerous marine projects for over a decade now. While obtaining city approvals might seem easier than dealing with State and Federal Agencies, the complexity of the requirements does not necessarily make it this way or quicker.

Our team has developed strong knowledge and relationships with key regulatory bodies, including the California Coastal Commission, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the California State Water Resources Control Board, and the Environmental Protection Agency, among others. This extensive experience has taught us that the permitting process requires patience, precision, and proactive engagement. Recognizing the importance of each project, we dedicate ourselves to working diligently with all State and Federal offices on a continuous basis. This commitment involves staying continually updated on policy changes and regulatory updates to ensure your project proceeds without unnecessary delay and in compliance with the latest policies and guidelines.

Once your project has been engineered and all applicable permits have been secured, Watercoast Engineering is ready to advance to the Project Execution phase. We ensure a seamless transition from planning and permitting to actual construction, consistently upholding the highest standards of efficiency and regulatory compliance. With a strategic focus on maintaining project momentum and achieving timelines, trust Watercoast Engineering to manage the complexities of permitting, enabling your project to realize its full potential and achieve successful completion.

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